Barry E. Hutsel - Partner

Barry E. Hutsel

The Professional

Barry has been with the firms since articling in 1995. Barry practices in all areas of intellectual property focusing on patents, trademarks and designs, but also has expertise in licensing and technology transfer, as well as IT and domain name issues.

In his former career, Barry was a forensic document examiner with over 16 years of experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


B.A. (Physics)
Barrister & Solicitor
Registered Patent Agent (Canada and U.S)
Registered Trademark Agent (Canada)

The Person

Barry is an avid cyclist and enjoys photography and travel. When not lecturing his colleagues on the dangers of trans fats and sugar, and the benefits of coconut oil, Barry dreams of moving to a climate where he does not have to wear two pairs of socks and long underwear to ride his bike in January.

Barry can be reached by email at – …… or by phone at 613-563-5610 (direct)