Our Firm

Moffat & Co. is located the heart of the nation’s capital city – Ottawa.  We are a firm of patent and trademark agents, specializing in the preparation, filing and prosecution of Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design, Copyright and Plant Breeders Rights applications in Canada and around the world.

The “Moffat firm” was founded in 1973, by Maurice A. Moffat, a British patent agent who immigrated to Canada. “Moff”, as he was affectionately known, was a skilled patent agent who excelled at writing patent specifications.  Having started his professional life as a draftsman, he often prepared the drawings as well.

Moff was joined by Andy Jarzyna, followed closely by John Macera, and in 1980, the firm became known as Moffat & Co.  Shortly thereafter, Moff retired to the Island of Bequia.

We work side-by-side with Macera & Jarzyna, LLP,  a firm of barristers & solicitors, specializing in Intellectual Property disputes and litigation.  With over 40 years of experience, Macera & Jarzyna, LLP  ensures that all of our Canadian and international clients receive efficient and effective intellectual property protection and counsel, in Canada and throughout the world.

Our Clients

We have a diverse client base including local inventors and businesses, as well as multinational corporations. We represent the intellectual property interests of our clients in over 200 countries.

Our People

Our professionals have advanced degrees in many fields such as engineering, law, business, and science, and we believe having a strong personal life is good for our business. It’s part of the firm outlook. At any given time, there is likely to be a Moffat & Co. professional arguing a case, another drafting a patent claim, and a third trekking across a glacier or perfecting a soufflé.